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The innovative tools to evolve your client’s cause marketing.

As companies get more aggressive with their cause marketing, they're looking for ways to make a bigger impact on the world than their competitors can. We can help you provide them with the technology for engagement and fundraising that will grow impact, reputation, relationships and brand—well beyond their expectations.

Global Cloud can scale the good your clients do. Our custom interactive engagement solution connects their employees, alumni employees, partners, stockholders and customers through cause messaging, social media and our DonorDrive Peer-To-Peer Fundraising software to multiply their impact on their cause.

Our unique technology can integrate:

  • A custom site to match their cause efforts with their brand 
  • A powerful platform to create their own cause content, including blogs, press releases, calendars, galleries and more
  • DonorDrive's flexible fundraising for personal campaigns, community fundraisers, ticketed event and most any kind of corporate and employee fundraising

Are you ready to take your client's cause
to the next level?

Talk to us about how we can help you grow your client's impact on your cause exponentially.

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