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5 ways your Cause Marketing can land top millennial candidates.

In a market where companies have their pick of experienced older workers (many who are now willing to take a lower position and work for less money than they’re qualified for) why are companies courting Millennials? After all, Millennial have historically been likely to jump ship much faster than older workers.  But that’s more a problem with the way we’ve done business in the past than it is a trait of the Millennial employee.

According to a study by UNC's Business School, Millennials have the ambition needed to drive the future growth of a company and are more likely to stay when given chances for advancement and opportunities for personal growth. It’s obvious that companies are looking to groom next decade’s CEO and need to figure out ways to keep Millennials in order to secure a healthy future for their company. As a result, there’s a big push to make companies Millennial friendly.

Corporate citizenship. It’s now a perk.

Companies are discovering that Millennials seek employment with companies that are good corporate citizens. A recent survey from AFLAC shows that 82% of Millennials are likely to seek employment at a company recognized for its ethics. So if you want to attract Millennial employees you have to show them you’re a responsible company.

5 ways your Cause Marketing can land top millennial candidates. 

Your Cause Marketing is the most publicly visible sign of your corporate values. Use it to show Millennials the good you do, as well as to give them the opportunity to be a part of that good:

  1. Make Millennial causes your causes. According to Price Waterhouse's Millennial Workforce Study, over half of Millennials would leave a company whose values started to deviate from their own.  A logical solution is to let Millennials be involved in deciding your corporate causes. Survey current Millennial employees to find the causes they want to see your company support and make those a part of your Cause Marketing.

  2. Encourage employees to create a Cause Committee. This gives Millennials looking to move up in your organization a proving ground for their passion and talents. You might be surprised at the amazing ideas and initiatives that can come from this group. Make the importance of your cause efforts obvious to Millennial job candidates by inviting them to meet with this group as part of the interview process.

  3. Do corporate cause projects. Coordinate projects around your causes that staff can participate in. By their nature these projects will attract your Millennials employees. 

  4. Give them peer-to-peer fundraising software (such as DonorDrive) to raise money for the causes they’ve chosen. . As opposed to just giving a donation, employees can have exponential impact on your causes when they can fundraise for them through an easy-to-use platform. There’s an empowering feeling in creating a fundraiser for a cause when you’re partly responsible for bringing it to the company.

  5. Offer matching funds for donations. Putting your money where your mouth is shows sincerity as a good corporate citizen. Millennial employees will know that you’re dedicated to the same causes they are.

While there are many things a company must do in order to be an ethical business and a good corporate citizen, Millennial-friendly Cause Marketing really speaks the language of young professionals. It can put your company at the top of their list when considering their next job.

Millennials are changing the companies they work for.

Creating an environment where Millennials feel they can thrive and find meaning to their passions, will have a positive impact on your company as a whole. The AFLAC shows that 82% of Millennials are likely to seek employment at a company recognized for its ethics. What’s even more interesting is that the number of employees over 34 who now value working for an ethical company is now up to 68%. While Millennials are leading the way on this preference, all workers appear to be adopting this responsible attitude. As go Millennials, so goes the workforce.

Corporations are finding these new Millennial passions dissolve the status quo that was keeping their out-of-date business practices mired in the past. The fresh, energetic, responsible perspective that Millennials bring can be contagious and change the attitude of your entire work force for the better.