Pay-per-click, not per impression.

Pay-Per-ClickWe recommend Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising as a very effective way to market your brand. Each ad gives the viewer a solid impression, while you only pay when visitors click through to your site. PPC differs from conventional media buys. Search terms are bid on, as opposed to bought at a fixed price. Your PPC ads on search engines and popular sites yield valuable measurement details not possible with off-line advertising.

Google PartnerGlobal Cloud has decades of collective experience with Pay-Per-Click vendors, especially Google AdWords, the top dog. Our best practices and constant monitoring of trends gives us a leg up to both increase conversions and decrease cost-per-conversion.


Paid AdvertisingMany clients prefer the value of Google, but with Yahoo Search and Bing joining forces under Bing Ads, we can leverage the competition and get the best value for your investment, while placing your message in front of more searchers.