GlobalMail and mobile that motivate.

With all of the buzz about new social media sites, it's easy to overlook email and texting. The truth is that they're by far the most commonly used methods of digital communication. Email and SMS marketing solutions from Global Cloud are not only powerful, they're trackable to help determine success.

Email MarketingGlobalMail gets through.

Our GlobalMail solution provides best-in-class email deliverability rates and server white-listing. Nobody makes email work better for you. This easy-to-use system is designed specifically to handle growth so you'll have a consistent workflow for years to come. Our features include:

  • Campaign Setup

    We create uniquely branded templates suited for your needs.

  • Step-By-Step Wizards

    We make creating web-page-quality HTML emails as simple as word processing.

  • HTML Paste

    If you have the skill to code emails, our HTML Paste feature allows you to easily inject your own
    detailed code.

  • Personalized and Dynamic Content

    GlobalMail works with your contact database to personalize emails and create dynamic content for addressing and targeting your customers and constituents.

  • Viral Marketing

    Our "Forward to a Friend" button is easy to insert into your emails and helps you get something started. We also create site and intranet "Subscribe" links that help you automatically cultivate a clean
    subscriber base.

  • Tracking

    GlobalMail has some of the most serious tracking available today, including: bounce, opens, clicks, link tracking, click maps and unsubscribe, just for starters.


Text Message Marketing

Improve your TXT life.

The power of SMS is undeniable with over four billion messages sent daily in the US. Our GlobalMail system can also put SMS to work for you. Just a few options are:

  • Send Alerts

    Get the message to your entire network fast with SMS updates.
  • Manage Your Numbers

    Easily control who gets what message and track success.
  • Receive Payments

    Payments can be added to your customer's phone bill or directly to their credit card statement.