Case Study: Spina Bifida of Cincinnati

The Spina Bifida Association of Cincinnati has a small office. It's just Exceutive Director Diane Burns and her assistant. When looking to start an online fundraising initiative, Diane wanted a complete site that included all online content and fundraising. And she wanted it to be simple on her end. "Admittedly, I'm not technical."

She looked at various solutions and DonorDrive® was the standout for service. "We compared five different providers. The bigger companies weren't very responsive. It would take us days to get an answer by email. DonorDrive was very responsive. That was very reassuring to us." Setup fees were another issue. "DonorDrive was also the most affordable."

When you have minimal human resources, an easy-to-use system
is important.

The ability to reach out to 10,000 people a month via e-messaging is wonderful.

Diane BurnsSpina Bifida Association

"There was a pretty small learning curve for me learning how to use the system. We've been pretty pleased. Even having a new administrative assistant in the office, she's been able to pick it up pretty quickly. Neither us have a web or graphic background." And assistance has never been far away. "Brian at DonorDrive is always there to walk us though." Diane depends heavily on DonorDrive's messaging system for quickly getting the word out. "The ability to reach out to 10,000 people a month via e-messaging is wonderful."

The association has only two official events annually. But in keeping with their grassroots foundation, they're using DonorDrive for micro-fundraisers. "Last year we started to promote to our walk team leaders that they could set up their own fundraisers. Somebody had a dog wash. Someone had an '80s party. They can have their own Personal Campaign set up through DonorDrive. Were going to expand on that capability in the future."

For the tiny staff, this has been a huge help, since organization of these events is handled by the teams who set them up. For Spina Bifida, the small things are really starting to add up.


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