DonorDrive Case Study: Epilepsy Foundation of Texas

They heard the check was in the mail one too many times.

Joe Wappelhorst at the Epilepsy Foundation of Texas was using a big fundraising software firm that did an adequate job of meeting their needs. But for what they were paying, they thought they weren't quite getting their money's worth. "The system didn't have as much flexibility in design as we would have liked and there was a definite lack of integration with our organization web site."

Donations took far too long to process.

The sticking point for EFTX became funds that just weren't getting through quickly. "The payments were made monthly by check and not directly into our bank account." As online funding was becoming a more important part of the charity's intake, the time lag had become a real detriment. There was also a lot of frustration when their suggestions for system improvement continued to be ignored.

They examined several possible alternatives and gravitated to DonorDrive. "The friendliness of the staff was the selling point. The lower price was also attractive." Once EFTX started to set up their DonorDrive site, the differences became obvious. "Our fundraising participants were immediately impressed with how easy it was to set up their personal fundraising pages and track the activity of their team members. On the back end, the ability to design the architecture of the site and integrate with our site was easy to do. The DonorDrive staff has been very attentive to all of our needs."

In switching systems, moving existing data is always a concern.

"Migration was our biggest fear. Would we lose people with the new system? Would people think they were in the wrong place? Would this process take a long time? In reality, migration was one of the least painful steps. The ability to preview and test everything prior to launch was very reassuring." Another big concern was how well DonorDrive would integrate with the organization site from the contributor's point of view. "We wanted the transition from our web pages to DonorDrive to look and feel seamless. The DonorDrive staff worked with our graphic artists to get the look and feel to match our current web presence, so donors and participants knew they were in the right place."

DonorDrive grew online donations quickly.

We have moved 80% of our individual giving over to DonorDrive, which has made processing gifts much easier.

Joe WappelhorstEpilepsy Foundation of Texas

Another pleasant surprise was the increase in success of both events and online donations. "While I think we do a great job of marketing, I will say that our Houston Stroll raised $105,000 the year before using DonorDrive and $154,000 the year we switched. We had never received online donations before DonorDrive, but this past year we took in over $15,000 online." At the same time, DonorDrive's easy-to-use tracking mechanisms has made life simpler for the Epilepsy Foundation of Texas. "The reporting and tracking has made our back office work more efficient and keeping in touch with donors is greatly enhanced with email subscriptions and the ease of reporting in DonorDrive. We have moved 80% of our individual giving over to DonorDrive, which has made processing gifts much easier. This created a value we didn't see at first."

Joe has been especially pleased with with customer service they've received from DonorDrive. "Never once has an email or phone call gone unanswered. Our account manager has been with us every step of the way. The support staff was very helpful and if there was something we didn't understand, they set up an online meeting to teach us real time. DonorDrive has also implemented several of our suggestions and requests for improvements over the past year. They're really dedicated to meeting the needs of the user and constantly improving the product."


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