Case Study: Children's Miracle Network

Customer Service that actually serves
the customer.

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals raises funds for 170 children’s hospitals. Since 1983 they’ve raised over $4 billion that has gone to funding research, training, equipment and support uncompensated (charitable) care. By anyone’s standards, CMNHospitals is a large non-profit. When looking to create an online fundraising portal, Nick Ward, Manager of IT Applications at CMNHospitals, worked with every major web-based fundraising software available. "I tested all the major products at length to try and settle on just one." It turned out that the big non-profit software companies were a giant headache. His two major issues were lousy customer service and unnecessarily complex interfaces.

Customer service was a nightmare.

"I’ve been on hold for hours with some of the larger vendors." But after choosing DonorDrive®, that all changed. "The fact that you can call for tech support and get someone right away is the number one thing we looked at with DonorDrive." Customer service is taken seriously at DonorDrive. Support is conducted entirely in house and available via phone, email and online. We know that when you farm out support to who knows where, you just tend to grow customer frustration.

I've tried every major player out there and DonorDrive is by far the best.

Nick WardChildren's Miracle Network

The other issue, dysfunctional systems, abounded with other services.

"Their platforms are clunky. They’re packed with sub pages of options to go here and click this, then this. From years of customer requests and not thinking it through, they’ve become so cluttered in the setup process." Nick’s opinion is substantially different when it comes to DonorDrive. "You can’t help but notice how innovative the platform is. Because they’re a smaller shop they can turn things around quicker and they can improve their platform quicker." And Nick really likes having his brain picked as part of the continual improvement process. "I receive phone calls asking me to look at some wireframes of an idea they’re thinking about improving. That helps them define what the most effective donation flow is. I think that helps them, to get real people input." And are the improvements on target? "When I ask them, they're already working on any improvements I can think of."

So has DonorDrive helped raise more funds?

"Donations have increased because they do things like constantly improving donation flow and improving the registration process. None of the other guys are making sure they have an effective setup out there." And DonorDrive wound up costing less than the bigger players. "We’re absolutely getting more for our money."

What about recommending DonorDrive? "They’re at the top of the list. We’ve been to a number of non-profit conferences and we pass out Paul’s card from DonorDrive. I tried every major player out there and DonorDrive is by far the best."


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