Case Study: BGSU Dance Marathon

Chrissy Daniel is a Marketing Major, a Senior and Director of the BGSU Dance Marathon. The event is an annual 32-hour dance-stravaganza to raise awareness and money for the Children’s Miracle Network. All the money raised goes directly to Mercy Children’s Hospital in Bowling Green. Though dancing for 32 hours straight is not the easiest thing to do, it’s a very fun event. “We have bands, DJs, comedians and a masseuse that we really appreciate about that 25th hour.”

DonorDrive made things easier.

Chrissy got involved in the event her Freshman year, back when they did things the old fashioned way: without DonorDrive. It was pretty inefficient. “We’d been doing letter writing to get the word out, but those often get mixed up in other mail, thrown away or forgotten about until it was too late to pledge.”

For three years now the BGSU Dance Marathon has used DonorDrive as their online fundraising portal. The technology has helped make things easier, as well as increased involvement. “Dancers can put up their story on their personal DonorDrive page, email it to friends and family, and click on Twitter and Facebook links to solicit donations.”

DonorDrive helped spread the word.

Another thing DonorDrive has done is helped up-the-buzz about the boogie. “You can’t compare the two between now and pre-DonorDrive. There are so many new angles with Facebook and Twitter. This year we even had alumni set up pages for the event.” And a huge boost in the excitement has been the result of the DonorDrive thermometer. “It’s a cool, visual way to track how you’re doing. Personally I set a goal of $1,000 and watched my thermometer climb all year. Once you’ve reached your goal there are fireworks on the screen. It’s exciting to track. This year I reached my goal the day before the Dance Marathon.”

So has DonorDrive helped raise more funds?

“Funds have skyrocketed. Just last year to this year we more than doubled money brought in with DonorDrive. We raised the most money that BGSU Dance Marathon has ever raised.” Chrissy feels that DonorDrive is a fundraising tool that’s a perfect match for the times and the college crowd. “Students have been brought up in this world of community service and they feel that’s important. They did it in high school with National Honor Society and Key Club. So it’s already part of their values.”

Any reluctance students have had, hasn’t lasted long. “Once we told students that it was easy to set up and that you can link your donation page to Facebook, they’re into it. They can link their personal URL to other things and they don’t even need to be on their DonorDrive page much. On Twitter, students are tweeting their personal URL. Making people aware of their involvement is just part of how they normally use social networking.”

Repeat participants know the drill with DonorDrive.

The consistency of using DonorDrive year after year for an annual event has made Chrissy’s job easier too. “When using the same software, I knew the steps I needed to take the next year. We created a handy little sheet of step-by-step instructions for setting up your page and personal URL. But the veterans of past Dance Marathons are saying “No, I know how to do that.” Plus, we’ve been seeing DonorDrive improve and add new useful features year after year.”

With her Marketing degree almost in her hand, Chrissy is already seeing possibilities for DonorDrive in her career. “I want to work in higher education and I can see DonorDrive as applicable to alumni societies and raising funds for universities. I think it’s a convenient thing. It’s an easy way to give money to something you’re attached too.”

Quick Stats

Who: Bowling Green State University Dance Marathon

What they do: Raise money to benefit kids at Mercy Children’s Hospital in Toledo via the Children’s Miracle Network

BGSU key benefits of using using DonorDrive:

  • Greatly improved setup efficiency
  • Easy registration, especially for repeat participants
  • Simple process to get the word out with social media

Metrics: 43% increase in overall donations over last year.

“We raised the most money that BGSU Dance Marathon has ever raised.”

-Chrissy Daniel

BGSU Dance Marathon


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