DonorDrive Case Study: Best Friends Animal Society

The flexibility to adapt to unique needs.

Greta Palmer, National Director for Events for Best Friends Animal Society, discovered that much of the fundraising software available didn't truly fit her needs. Most software is designed around a non-profit hosting multiple campaigns with the donations all going to a central fund. Greta has one major event with the donations going to dozens of different charities. "We had a total of 39 charities that benefited from the event. It added a complexity to the web site."

Best Friends needed a powerful system.

Strut Your Mutt is in LA, New York and now Salt Lake City and extends the charity walk concept by including your dog. Not only is it Best Friend's big fundraiser, but it's also a high-visibility event that attracts a lot of attention to the cause.

What Best Friends site needed for the event were three main features:

  • Easy setup for her
  • A simple interface for participants and organizers
  • A backend that easily shows which money goes where

Greta had looked at other systems and discovered that -- despite the simple setup -- DonorDrive® had the powerful backend capabilities she needed. "DonorDrive is an easy system to work with. I'm not very technical at all." She also had concerns about customer service the other systems could provide. "I got the sense from other companies we looked at that there wouldn't be the same level of customer service." That's not the case with DonorDrive. "Matt, Brian and Corbit were really attentive. I feel like there's good customer service here. They were really attentive. They were really good with walking me through the process and getting everything set up. I didn't feel like, 'oh, here's your one training session in how to set up the website.' That was the thing I was most nervous about. Help is the nicest thing about working with DonorDrive."

Simplicity was key.

Help is the nicest thing about working with DonorDrive.

Greta PalmerBest Friends Animal Society

The next item was a simple interface. "That was a concern for us at the beginning because, not only were we dealing with regular participants signing up for the event, we had 39 rescue groups that we had to train and educate on the site as well. I think our DonorDrive site is easy to navigate."

And lastly was the concern of which money was earmarked for Best Friends or one of 39 charities. "We worked with DonorDrive to create some custom pulls to know what amount of money each charity raised. On the back end DonorDrive added some ways to sort that information that ended up to be pretty easy for us to track. It was good because at the end of the day all the money went into one account for Best Friends and then we could track who was owed what. It ended up the whole process wasn't complicated at all."

DonorDrive delivered.

And for the contributor, this was a seamless part of the process. "People can go onto our site and choose who they want the money to go to: Best Friends or a local group. It's intuitive in terms of people understanding how to register, donate and fundraise. DonorDrive was very good to work with in terms of creating new functionality on order for us to achieve what we wanted to do."



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