We Give a Damn

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Currently seeking awesome employees.

  • Product Manager

    “Working at Global Cloud has given me the opportunity to connect with people who are as passionate about software as I am, continuously learn new skills, and contribute to awesome products that positively impact our clients.”

    –Kasey Cuppoletti

  • Director of Technology

    "The best part about Global Cloud is working hard, playing hard, and getting true satisfaction being a pivotal part of a small company's evolution."

    -Nik Stephens

  • Director of Training & Support

    “It's not every day that one can say they helped children suffering from cancer and homeless pets. Not bad for a day at the office!”

    –Brian McKinney

  • Director of Interactive Design

    “It's easy to stay inspired and motivated when you're building great things with great people every day.”            

    –Matt Radel

  • Social Instigator

    “I get to come to work at a company that innovates technology that helps nonprofits raise millions a year for their missions. It's like getting paid for being a do-gooder.”

    –Kevin Wolfe

  • Interactive Designer

    “To me, working at Global Cloud means making connections. Whether it's collaborating with a coworker or learning something brand new, ideas are always coming together that allow me to be part of something greater than what I could've done alone!”

    –Emily Drumm

Not interested in being a suit? Neither are we.

Check out the postings below to see our available positions.

Sales, Marketing, & Client Services

Be the voice of our company, solve problems, drive product and service adoption, and champion our brands.

Account Manager →

Client Support Specialist →



Digital Services

Help non-profit and for-profit clients alike through strategic marketing solutions, innovative web design and industry leading web development.

Front-End Developer  →

We offer great perks. Here are just a few.

CoffeeUnlimited Coffee JeansJeans = Happiness TeamTeam Outings
LunchesCompany Lunches KitchenWell Stocked Kitchen LeadershipLeadership Opportunities
Workout RoomCompany Workout Room DevelopmentProfessional Development Happy HoursMonthly Happy Hours

Making history since 1997.

Since 1997, Global Cloud has successfully facilitated the growth of hundreds of businesses, from startups looking to make their name online to Fortune 500 companies. We created DonorDrive Peer-to-Peer Fundraising software and work hard every day to push our product development to the next level. We pride ourselves on our great design, hard-working development team, user-friendly content management, and great customer service.

We’re Give-a-Damn people.

Global Cloud is made up of fun, motivated and (mostly) responsible people.

Here are some things we give-a-damn about:

  • Taking initiative.
  • Creating an impact.
  • Growing our people.
  • Each other.
  • Our work.