Get Analytical.

Ever since the online world had the technology to precisely analyze online traffic, smart companies have seen smart analysis as a necessity. At Global Cloud, our data scientists can examine clicks and traffic in a myriad of ways and then present the findings and recommendations to you in a soundly actionable report.


Marketing results must be defined and measured to truly prove their worth. That's never more important than in the rapidly-evolving realm of online marketing. Analytics are at the very core of each online marketing plan we execute. Tangible metrics reveal successes and allow us to redirect mid-campaign and refine for even better future success.

Site stats.

At Global Cloud we connect you to the most advanced analytics to help you understand your site visitors and their behavior. Google Analytics is the most used website analytics tool today. We will set you up with Google Analytics at no extra cost.

Data science.

Accurately interpreting your data is something we take seriously. That's why our analysts are Google Analytics Individually Qualified and AdWords Advanced Reporting & Analysis Certified. With our depth of analytics expertise, we can help you best understand those numbers and help you squeeze your dollars for highest ROI. After all, your marketing dollars are real, so your results should be too.