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Does your cause really build your brand?

Giving the support of your brand to a great cause just isn’t enough anymore. Since social responsibility is a core competency of business, you're looking for maximum ROI on your investment in good. Take the next step in Cause Marketing with tools that boost audience engagement, increase market awareness and multiply dollar impact—so you'll be known as the owner of your cause.

Tools that give you control of your cause

Our technology gives you complete control of every aspect of the good you do.

You control the dollars.
You control the dollars.
Move beyond basic giving to fundraising programs for your employees, customers and community that multiply the cause dollars that your brand controls.


You control the engagement.
You control the engagement.
Grow your reputation through custom interactive tools that build community, initiate conversation and empower supporters.


You control the mission.
You control the mission.
Dictate the good you do by steering the dollars your audiences fundraise to generate the biggest impact possible.


Are you ready to evolve your cause marketing?

Talk to us about how we can help exponentially grow your brand and cause impact.

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Case Study

Learn how Luxottica and OneSight took the next step in cause marketing to drive employee enthusiasm for their sight clinics in the Third World.

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